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Every two years, Boston hosts hundreds of single adults (ages 18+) from throughout New England, the East Coast, and beyond for a conference to promote secular and religious education. The events of the conference will be held October 20 – 22, 2017 in various locations in the Boston/Cambridge area.

This year’s theme is Building Connections: Deepening Relationships with God and Our Neighbor.

The keynote and workshop speakers will focus on the positive impact that results in our own lives and the lives of those around us as we create deep, meaningful connections with God and with each other. We will present and discuss ways to draw closer to God, build strong and long-lasting relationships, strengthen one another through times of adversity and prosperity, and improve our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being through the connections we create.

We hope to build an environment of safety, respect, understanding, purpose, and love centered around the Gospel. The conference will be a wonderful opportunity for singles to learn, grow spiritually, meet new people, and rekindle old friendships.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

Expected Singles in Attendance
Amazing Speakers
Days of Learning and Connection

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”

Luke 10:27


Sister Reyna I. Aburto

Being One in Quorums and Relief Societies

“In the dispensation of the fulness of times, the Lord instructed that the priesthood [holders and sisters] should be organized into quorums [and Relief Societies], meaning selected assemblies of brethren [and sisters] given authority that His business might be transacted and His work proceed” (President Boyd K. Packer, “What Every Elder Should Know—and Every Sister As Well,” Ensign, November 1994)

What are the purposes of the priesthood quorum and the Relief Society to which we belong?

How can we live up to the privileges that are our opportunity and right as members of priesthood quorums and Relief Societies?

How can we elevate our vision of priesthood quorums and Relief Societies so we can be one in purpose with our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ?

Let us embark together in a journey to find answers to these questions and deepen our relationship with God and our neighbors.


Joseph Grenny

Crucial Skills for Connecting: How to Talk Best when it Matters Most

The greatest challenge of life is to learn to “speak the truth in love.” (Eph 4:15) This is the key to personal influence, relationship health, and even career success.  The Savior taught through example and instruction that our relationships must be based on truth. For example, he counseled that even when others seem to be bothered with us, we must take the initiative to approach them (Matthew 5:23). In fact, He taught that living honestly in our relationships is part of worthily participating in priesthood ordinances! (3 Nephi 18:28-34). In this session Joseph Grenny, co-author of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, will share principles and skills for talking about what matters most in our lives.


Hal Gregersen

Question Everything: Unlocking Better Answers by Asking Better Questions

From a young age, we are taught that answers matter more than questions. As adults, we experience powerful organizational and societal forces that keep us from asking or hearing uncomfortable questions. This creates an isolated, answer-centric world, often at our own peril. This challenge can be exceedingly dangerous in an era when dramatic shifts can happen in any aspect of our world, blindsiding us. Catalytic questions—ones that surface false assumptions and cause transformational change—hold the power to unlock these “unknown unknowns” and reveal startling new paths to innovation, creativity, and even better relationships. But how can we restore our childlike curiosity to conquer these challenges? How can we start – or sustain – asking better questions to craft the creative solutions required for today’s wicked hard problems? This session explores how to escape the dangerous blind spot where “we don’t know what we don’t know” before it’s too late, to help us become better questioners at work and in life – ultimately building better relationships with God, others, and ourselves.

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65 Binney St, Cambridge, MA 02139


2 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, MA 02142

The events of this year’s conference will take place at the two church buildings in Cambridge, MA owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Events on Friday evening and Saturday will take place at the Binney St building, and the combined sacrament meeting on Sunday morning will take place at the Longfellow Park building.


“The conference was a win on all fronts. Intellectually stimulating and lots of fun, it led to new friendships and great memories.”
Joseph Sowa
“The Education Conference was a wonderful experience! It offered a range of diverse and interesting topics, and I felt uplifted. Plus, the setting of Boston in the autumn can’t be beat!”
Julia Christensen